What Are The Different Types Of Testosterone Replacement Therapy Is Available?

When it comes to testosterone replacement therapy, there are many different ways to manage care. Your doctor will help you make informed decisions on the most suitable for their way of life based on personal and medical factors, such as you have any other health condition, your age, and previous treatment attempts, be able to afford treatment.

The advantages and disadvantages of all types of testosterone replacement therapy, when it comes to easy-to-use, safety and efficacy each person reacts differently to treatment and your doctor will help you reach the right decision, your work.

Testosterone replacement therapy is necessary, when the body cannot keep your more testosterone levels drop. It can help alleviate some symptoms, including loss of energy and fatigue, muscle mass, increase fat and increase libido, increase the frequency of erection quality, and to help erectile dysfunction. Although there is no natural level decreases as age increases, some people's bodies could not cope with the sudden "down", and has experienced the unpleasant symptoms, including the Democratic Party.

The most common treatment methods include self-injection, skin spots and gels, pills and testosterone capsules, can be used as a frequency of less prey intake.

Tablets and capsules

The oral form of testosterone in the management of the most popular, because the majority of the hepatic metabolism of testosterone, only a small fraction of circulation in the body You can also have more side effects because it is more likely to affect the body of the pill form of lipids.


If you are a self-administered injections, which is the most effective cost management of testosterone replacement therapy. The usual dose is 100 mg a week, but sometimes, a dose of 200 mg every two weeks or 300 mg per three weeks, depending on your situation. 200 mg every two weeks to strike a proper balance between sides affects and prevent side effects.

Transdermal Applications

Transdermal testosterone replacement therapy can be placed on the skin, gel or patch management. These days, there are patches placed in the scrotum, as well as other parts of the body. Transdermal testosterone is more and more frequently than other forms of testosterone replacement therapy applications, but in smaller doses, but also because it is absorbed subcutaneous; do not interfere with the lipid organization. Thus providing a lower risk of side effects, easier to use, but one of the most expensive treatment options in the market

Testosterone 1% gel is generally applicable to the upper body or shoulder area of the skin clean and dry. The body absorbs about 10 percent of the ice, it uses a slow release. It needs the full force of the ice between 16 and 22 hours, peaked immediately after injection if interruption of treatment, which takes about four days to fully work the system. The gel is unlikely to lead to skin irritation patch. For more information visit bodybuildilngfactory.com


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