How Wonderful To Have A Dream - To Define The Problem Of Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem in many different "solutions" to solve this problem. People always have the chance to work in their own way of dealing with this disease, without telling anyone, many people have gone to other "solutions" to this problem.

However, we know that people are not perfect and often make mistakes. The "solution" I mentioned, there was also excluded by this criterion.

What is the problem of insomnia sin of man?

1. Alcohol consumption before bedtime.

Drink a glass of wine before bedtime gives you a feeling of warmth and heat, and seems to be a good idea to improve sleep. However, do the opposite and can dehydrate the body, so it is likely to be selected with a headache and has a strong thirst for water.

For me, I would powerfully advise a deep Sleep 1 - sleep formula instead of a pill. This is because they provide only a brief "meet" the problem of insomnia, but in the long run. Formulate this wonderful dream and deep sleep is improved natural formula that can be caused by a natural sleep.

2. Eating much food, candy or sugar before going to bed with fatigue or sleep.

Doing this will not solve the "cause" of insomnia, the dream of a system and a weak non-response "natural sleep response". You may feel sleepy, but still wakes renewed. Almost all the sugar we consume is converted into body fat, in turn, can increase the risk of sleep apnea.

So if you or your family does not snore, do not look for sleep apnea as a cause of obesity.

3. Forced to sleep

Often when we see the TV show, we can see a person who has trouble sleeping at night close your eyes hard to "force" to sleep. This will only increase the anxiety and frustration, press the "natural sleep response".

4. Reason for reading books and watching television Sleepiness

Watching television not only prevents this problem solved, but the problem is worse. Let's keep the mind active and reduces the "natural sleep response" our bodies.

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