Must Eat Meals For a Normal and Balanced Diet

Tomatoes: With many people turning to expensive "superfoods" to safeguard their health, basic salad ingredients such as the tomato are often overlooked for their health-giving properties. However, a 2008 publication of collated research findings - The Red Bodyguard by Ron Levin and Gerald Cheshire - demonstrated the health properties of this common fruit. Some benefits attributed to eating the tomato included a strengthened immune system, better heart health, the neutralising of free radicals and safeguarding of disease (including cancer) and the prevention of blood clots.

Beans: From the macrobiotic to the student, many diets rely on the humble bean in its dry, tinned or baked form - and this could be great news for our health. Studies have found that beans are not only excellent weight-loss and energy foods, but they are a great source of antioxidants, protein and nutrients (such as iron, manganese and B vitamins). Beans are also an excellent source of soluble fibre, which can help to reduce cholesterol, stabilise blood sugar and improve the digestive system, while a study by scientists at the University College of London showed that beans can also help prevent cancer.


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