Stupid People Drive Cycle After Treatment

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Also said that you do not have to run after the treatment cycle begins ......... do not dump your ass wipe: to do, it's just a good idea

Understand our bodies what will happen when we take the first thing to anabolic steroids:
Exogenous anabolic hormones (or derivatives of anabolic hormone) to make your system this cause the body to produce a series of activities to adapt to the situation. The first (you know), increased muscle mass. 

Unfortunately, other things occur is not as good

Exogeneously into an enzyme or hormone, move the other chemicals in order to achieve a certain balance. It is a concept known as the principle of Le Chatelier chemical equilibrium. In short, your body will increase the production of estrogen, cortisol and other hormones, testosterone raising the level of slow (or stop) the natural production of testosterone. Biologists call a negative feedback ....... biology smoke is not?
Le Chatelier principle of the scientific issues:

Let us assume that A and B, the reaction of C (do not get easier than this).

A + B --------> C
Therefore, we have a mixture containing A, B and C, according to the principle LeChatlier If we add the value of a mixture of the C, A and B will increase. If you delete part of a mixture of C, A and B decreases. If we want to add A, B, or both, C will increase I still here Careful
So, what happened, when we come from a circle?

Okay, so, the cycle, natural test production down to compensate for the exogenous test, we produce other steroid hormones (estrogen, cortisol, and so on.) To improve the detection of increased levels to compensate for from a cycle, stop using testosterone exogenous. In other words, we have a very low level test, high levels of cortisol and estrogen levels: it is the beginning of our cycle, the opposite.

Remember the principle of Le Chatelier, because it is very important and really helpful pct article. When we have an excess of a hormone, and others will begin to turn around, reach a certain balance. Well, I would say (and bold), because it is so important. When we have an excess of a hormone, and others will begin to turn around, reach a certain balance. This is a common misconception, we have to eliminate estrogen. High levels of estrogen after treatment played an important role in the cycle. This is correct, you are welcomed with open arms terrified high estrogen, but it's a trick. SERM (selective estrogen receptor) and God the trick


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