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Creatine is a movement, coupled with a variety of sports and fitness activities, sports and the Olympic Movement throughout the range. The idea of ​​the creatine is very important to improve their energy efficiency, and the results will not become a marathon runner overnight is effective enough to use the most professional athletes.

Buy creatine, but when to buy what type of creatine, if there are differences between them. Creatine change a bit - for example, liquid creatine (serum) and also affects the way it works and it is an effective form of power we see, it is more effective and how to choose the creatine for you.

More than creatine works

First, let's look at how creatine brief. The body move and perform basic tasks, called adenosine triphosphate something important. This means that "adenosine triphosphate, in fact, only three phosphate molecules connected the name of bonds, this is an incredibly powerful, if they are damaged, the release of physical energy, motion of the conversion process or perform a set when you works to eat bananas divided into sugar energy, but in turn, is divided into adenosine triphosphate.

The ATP decomposto to energy, which means that disconnected and phosphate are left to float freely. Phosphate known as adenosine triphosphate, and two phosphate known as adenosine diphosphate - or ADP and AMP, these two components are useless to us, therefore, the normal body then look more three ATP, instead of fat storage, which is an access to energy and environment, the slow process so far, to produce energy (start panting breathing, and so on.)

Creatine is produced by the body, most of which are found in skeletal muscle. His work, and then AMP and ADP and restructuring them to create the ATP. What is very important "recycled" into useful energy muscle.
This also means that your muscles a little more power to them, enabling them to work before your body has come to a more effective aerobic capacity. Although it also has a useful side effect, which can increase water retention. Volume bodybuilding, is very useful for long-distance, but the 'cut' and lose weight, of course, more practical. phs

Powder and liquid

So the question is, powder or liquid, to better meet the purpose of increasing energy and water retention? Well, this is the thing, there is no clear answer is still a controversial source - the supporters and opponents of the order of liquid and creatine powder, although creatine powder for longer have more evidence and historical before the success.


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