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Powerful, can help you connect more women exercise?

The athletes did not enter the wave of men creatine. However, why not? After all, the scientific community, as continuous performance improvements, in addition to high-intensity exercise, to improve performance and confirmed that the creatine to increase strength and weight, and improve the ability to recover between training sets. Now, most creatine users are male, but it is a smart woman athletes train hard, eat right and keep updated with the latest technical training and dietary supplements. So why not use creatine?
Even if you train hard, you might be able to increase your training intensity. It ended its mission, the thin body, has been engraved? Creatine can help, but probably not for you, you might be worried about. To make matters worse, you can hear the bloated and water retention, or have tried disappointing results. Or maybe you think you do - even a lot of muscle - this is clearly not your target hard rights training and diet.
The question now is: women or creatine their work? Described here, take the right, creatine can improve performance and add some lean body mass there is no huge. With some dose adjustment should not cause bloating or abdominal discomfort, too.

Increase the performance of high-intensity
95 percent - most important of creatine in your body is stored in muscle tissue, and provides a quick, short energy needs of high-intensity activities like running or resistance training bursts. Additional creatine supplement your diet, you can load your muscles, the composite energy production. It increases your ability to perform long high-intensity work.

For example, over a period of creatine, you may be able to use on behalf of more than one or two in your set, second, third and fourth. In theory, creatine caused a small amount of intensity and volume of training increases, so that gains in strength and hypertrophy significant.

Principal investigator Peter Lemon, Ph.D., Western Ontario University in Canada, stressed that few studies have been conducted in the human female. Although some preliminary work shows that women will also benefit from creatine, lemon may not experience the same magnitude of performance improvement and implementation of lean body mass observed in male individuals.

Why not? Preliminary data suggest that women may have a higher level of creatine in resting muscle than men. If so, this can be interpreted to reduce the response burden on women. The relationship between the initial creatine home and the potential improvements are well documented. Everyone has the creatine the amount in his body he can limit, the closer you are to your limit, the biggest benefit, you will receive the supplement.
For example, a vegetarian, which naturally in a resting muscle creatine concentrations were lower during the creatine may see in the performance significantly improved. The meat-eater, but, from a small amount of red meat creatine relatively high levels of creatine kinase, may have more dramatic results.


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