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Lose weight with the 17-day diet

The 17 Day Eating plan by Dr. Scott Moreno keeps for several weeks in the eBook Top 100 record of a great United states book store. We examined what is behind the new best-seller in the U.S..

Lose weight easily and then keep the weight off? Here's how it goes.

The 17-day diet guarantees fast results: reduce from 4.5 to 5.5 kg in 17 times. Hungry yourself. Without level stage, i.e. it is constantly on the reduce. And it is guaranteed even more: The 17-Day Eating plan is possible to exist modify, with which you can keep the new discovered recommended weight also. This all appears to be too good to be real. The guidelines seem fairly simple: Numerous necessary protein (chicken, seafood or trim meat), many vegetables, no sugar-rich fruits and vegetables, with carbohydrate food occasionally, the right fat use (polyunsaturated, eg olive oil, linseed oil) and stay hydrated (no "negative "Water, like diet soft beverages or power drinks). Lastly guarantees Dr. Scott Moreno, writer of the 17-day diet, even fun - we were doubtful ...

The sequence

There are in the 17-day diet four stages, each long-lasting 17 times and complete each other cyclically. Phase 1 ("kindling"): In this stage, through better digestive function and fat losing angekurbelte easily decreased loseweight. In stage 2 ("Activate") is the everyday modifying provide of calorie consumption (again, whole grain, legumes) reprograms the metabolic rate. In stage 3 ("balancing"), healthier dietary routines are recognized and certain meals (bread and pasta) to be reintroduced. In Phase 4 ("arrival"), is organised by loseweight loss programs, the focus on lose weight.

The result

The 17-day diet provides what it guarantees. It was easy to eliminate. Already in the first weeks time was the regional range at two weight less. After 14 times, there were a complete of four kilos. After another three times, finally again one kg was tumbled, so actually five kilos less heavy in 17 times. After the first three times without carbohydrate food, in which we were a little bit anxious, the whole thing has actually been fun. We will definitely follow the 17 day diet and are very thrilled to second phase

What meals should you eat when and further information about the four stages of the 17 day diet you will find in the collection.


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