What Type of Diet Is Needed to Increase The Level of Androgen and Testosterone In Men Body?

I do not know of any specific foods that target androgen production. There is a supplement called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), but I give this information with warning (see below).The adrenal glands produce androgen with converts into testosterone. Some men and even women were using DHEA, but beware of the side effects.

For men, it increases testosterone, which can cause you to build more muscle, but more testosterone can cause violent moods and anger, as well as cause you to lose hair. Have you ever noticed the men who seem to have plenty of testosterone naturally, and they have this nice big beard, or hair on their chest etc. yet, they may have (or may have later in life) no hair on their head. Notice the men who take steroids, which produce more testosterone, like some wrestlers or body builders, how does they hair look (esp later on in life).
Now keep this next one in mind too. When you start altering what you body naturally makes, it can throw everything off. Men have estrogen too, just a little, and that is in balance with the body's testosterone. When you increase your androgen, which leads to more testosterone, you body tries to balance that out. 

It doesn't know what you're trying to do. So, since estrogen is in balance with testosterone, your body may start increasing estrogen to counter balance. More estrogen can lead to "man boobs" and trust me, if you're a guy you don't want that.

Of course with women, it gives them lower voices, hair on their chest (hair loss on their head) and actually increases lean mass, therefore they lose their breasts.Either way, I think these are undesirable results. So my advice is to not mess with hormones. If your doctor determines you are actually deficient in testosterone, he can give you a cream to rub on daily that will promote testosterone to normal levels.

If you want muscle, go to the gym, eat a healthy diet, yeah I know that's the hard and slow way. But there really is no magic potion or food out there to attain above normal results that is healthy. The human body is an amazing thing, homeostasis and all. We may not like certain things about our body ie you don't build muscle like Hulk Hogan, or I have big feet (which I do and I hate it! Can't cut them off!), but if we have our health we are fortunate. Why, I can swim fast as a fish with my built in flippers. I really hope you find natural ways to keep your androgens/testosterone at a normal level for a man.


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